Everything I am bringing with me for 6 weeks in Europe

If someone asked me before this trip whether I thought it would be possible to live comfortably for six weeks with just the contents of a moderately sized backpack I would have said no. While I have never been the type of person who needs a ton of clothes, I never would have thought I could get by with what I am taking on this trip. The picture below shows most of what I am taking. It does not include the clothes I will wear on the plane and a few tiny things. Below I have included a partial list of what I am taking for those interested.

Pretty much everything I am bringing


  • Pants (wearing them on the plane)
  • Shorts
  • Athletic/Swim shorts
  • One long-sleeve shirt
  • Three short sleeve shirts
  • Light jacket
  • Three pairs of socks
  • Three pairs of Ex-officio underwear (highly recommended – comfortable and dry quickly)
  • Flip-flops


  • Toiletries (Dr. Bronner’s soap for pretty much everything)
  • Deuter Futura 32L Backpack
  • Daypack – Messenger Bag
  • Travel towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Moneybelt (maybe not essential but widely recommended so I am taking one)


  • Macbook
  • Nook e-reader
  • Phone/ also my camera
  • A few guidebooks and a notebook


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