Madrid Day Two

A day of highs and lows.

My day started with a free churro which was frankly mediocre but still worth the price. Amazingly I managed to sleep relatively effortlessly in the 12 person room. The shower was cold but I it is hard to complain when you are paying so little.

I first went to the Palacio Real (The Royal Palace) which was amazing. It has a huge plaza in the middle which is surrounded by museums displaying the former royal residences, an armoury, and a breathtaking view of western Madrid. It was only €5 and in my opinion totally worth it.

I’ve been using the Madrid metro a lot more than I originally thought I would. Madrid is bigger than it seemed from maps so walking is taking longer than I had anticipated and the Madrid metro is great. As their own ads say “uno de mejores metros en el mundo” (one of the best metros in the world). It’s quite cheap. I spent €12 for 10 trip pass.

Once again I wandered off the beaten path and wandered into a random restaurant that seemed to be frequented by regulars. Multiple times they yelled at the waiters in a friendly tone. It seemed to be a decent sign. I ordered the “menu del dia” which included paella, bread, a salad, a chunk of fish, and dessert all for €10. It was basically the size of two average meals in Vancouver. The entire time I got to watch Spanish wheel of fortune and the news. Once again getting off the beaten path seemed to work out decently.

After I wondered around “Old Madrid” looking at lots of the main sights. The Plaza Mayor, the Plaza del Sol and many other places. It was quite interesting but there wasn’t really much to do. It would have been better with a friend. Traveling alone requires more mental stimulation.

I also went to the Museum of the City. It was pretty cool. Everything was in Spanish. Between pictures, models, and my basic Spanish comprehension I managed to fumble through it with some understanding. Also, completely free. Or at least I didn’t pay and no one seemed to care. And, it was almost empty, which was nice after being surrounded by people almost 24/7.

I’ve begun to feel a little lonely. I knew it would come with traveling alone. Still, I am going to be here for at least a month more so I sure hope it starts to fade.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Segovia, a town outside of Madrid.

The amazing view from Palacio Real

Apparently this is a post office

This is what they seem to think of Canada: some crappy sushi and some weird looking drinks

A model of the airport: the airport is absolutely massive!

Plaza Mayor

I am aware that the last photo is sideways but WordPress is being weird and I don’t have the time to figure out how to flip it.

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