Segovia and Tapas in Madrid

On Thursday I went to Segovia. Before delving into this beautiful little town I am going to explain with pictures a typical Spanish “menu del dia” meal. This meal that I had in front of the “Catedral” in a small little restaurant was delicious. These meals have two courses, dessert, bread and usually come with a drink. The Spanish tend to eat small breakfasts and moderate sized dinners so lunch is usually huge. Check out the pictures below.


One of the best lasagnas I have ever had

Beef - slightly salty for my taste but still very good

Chocolate cake type thing - very delicious

Not pictured is the huge chunk of bread. Overall a great meal for 11 euros (about 14 Canadian).

I’ve begun to treasure time in transit. That may sound slightly odd, as most people, myself included, tend to dread travel. However, here in Europe I love spending time on subways, trains, and buses. It provides a change of pace from running from sight to sight and gives me some good alone time to think, read, or in the case of the bus to Segovia, browse the internet. Yes, the bus had wifi and fast wifi at that. Better than my hostel and with a much nicer view.

My day in Segovia got off to a rocky start, after stupidly leaving my watch on a bench only to race back some time later only to find it is long gone. I reported it to the police but I doubt that was worth it. I try not to dwell on stupid things like that. Besides, attempting to explain to the police in broken Spanish what had happened was a fun challenge.

After that Segovia was really interesting. They have an almost 2000 year old Roman aqueduct. So far it is the oldest major man-made object I have seen and it was stunning. The Roman’s engineering accomplishments are impressive. I often wonder what the world would be like now if their empire had never crumbled.

Continuing on the entire city was beautiful. It sits atop a hill with the aqueduct at one end and the “alcazar” at the other end. This gives the town an intimidating fortress look when viewed from below. The alcazar once housed Spanish royalty and the museum provides a mixture of fancy royal residences and military artifacts. I’m glad I went.

After I returned from Segovia I met up with two brothers from Brazil and we ended up heading out looking for the “tapa experience”. Free little snacks of olives, chips, and peanuts with drinks. I ordered whisky which based off of the reaction from the bartender, I think it might have been a rare event. They ended up pouring in about 3 ounces and then mixing it with coke. Apparently that is what whisky means in Spain. The atmosphere is really interesting there. Street squares are crowded with tables full of people until around 1 am or later.

The next day I ended up going to Toledo. I’ll post about that tomorrow.

Roman aqueduct

The Alcazar

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  1. Great photos! Looks like you’re seeing some incredible sights…and that chocolate desert looks delicious!

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