I may never leave.

Okay, I will. I have things booked for Nice on the 14th so I will be out of here by then but I will be sad to say goodbye to this city. The city is beautiful. The atmosphere is amazing. It is super easy to get lost in but you just never seem to care. I spent the day wandering around with a few ideas for where I would go but I usually wouldn’t find them until I stopped looking for them.

A few of the highlights:

The outside of La Segrada Familia. I haven’t ventured inside yet but I will soon. The outside is rather beautiful albeit slightly tainted by all the signs of construction. One day it will be finished! One day!

La Segrada Familia

A shouting match in a cafe after two women caught a man attempting to steal their purse. At least that is what I think happened. I also decided to try churros and hot chocolate at an actual restaurant to see if I like that after eating horrible cheap hostel churros while in Madrid. It was okay, but Spanish breakfasts are not particularly appealing to me. I want eggs and bacon and sweet potato hashbrowns!

Chocolat con Churros - decent but breakfast needs protein!

The Gothic quarter is beautiful. Every street has interesting sights and there are a ton of attractions. I walked through a few cathedrals and churches and ate another slightly different type of kebab. I visited the Museum of Chocolate where I was given a free chocolate bar! I got in for free with my Barcelona card otherwise it probably would not have been worth it.

Gothic Cathedral

The Museum of Music was great. If you like to hear about the history of music while being serenaded with some of the best music from every era (except the last 40 years) then I would recommend this place.

I saw the cucumber building up close! In my opinion it actually looks pretty nice.

The Cucumber Building


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