Today was the day of Gaudi. I met up with the two Brazilians who I had met in Madrid in front of La Pedrera, an apartment building quite unlike any I had seen before. His later works are inspired by nature and tend to have few corners. I would simply use the word “mesmerizing” to describe a lot of it.

La Pedrera

The roof is made up of lots of weird shapes and forms like this

Afterwards we went to La Sagrada Familia, his most prized work. This building, still under construction after about 100 years, is absolutely amazing on the inside. It’s a cathedral that easily surpasses the rather dry and traditional gothic look of the usual cathedral, like the ones I saw in Toledo and Segovia.

Inside Sagrada Familia - for some reason I love this

Interior - you really need to see the inside with your own eyes

Jesus on a parachute - I have no idea why...

To wrap up the day we headed to the park. Not any ordinary park though, as it was designed by Guadi. The entrance looks like something out of Hansel and Gretel. There are few lines or corners and almost everything is rounded or curving. The only downside is that it is packed with tourists which is a bit disappointing.

Park Guell

I am now completely exhausted for no apparent reason, so I think I will be having a relaxing night.

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