More Barcelona!

My love for this city continues. After booking some train tickets I decided to head over to Montjuic. This hill overlooks the city and is full of gardens, olympic stadiums and a castle. A lot of what I did was very visual today so I won’t write much. Instead I will jump right into the photos after mentioning a few of the highlights.

I climbed most of the way up the mountain rather than taking the gondola. In return, I definitely got my exercise for the day. While winding up the hill you see beautiful gardens and trees and tantalizing partial views of the city but it pales in comparison to the view from the castle perched on top of the hill. This castle, once a sign of repression by the Franco regime, is now a free viewpoint with ocean views on one side, and beautiful views of the city on the other.

I wandered down the hill to the Jardi Botanic which was a great place to relax in. I’m not really into shrubs and flowers enough to full enjoy it but it is beautiful. I also checked out the Olympic Stadium which is… a stadium.

I then cross the town to wander partially up another mountain to get another beautiful view of the city. I wanted to visit CosmoCaixa which is a science museum but it was closed. If you ever visit Barcelona on a Monday, double-check whether the stuff you want to see is open. A lot of museums and sights are closed on Monday.

Overall, another great day in Barcelona.

I made breakfast - eggs and bacon!

The entrance to the Castle on Montjuic

Beautiful view from the castle

Jardi Botanic

View from the other side of Barcelona - the hill on the top left is where the castle is

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