Tomorrow after a little over a week I will be leaving Spain and entering France. I will stay in Nice for three nights before spending a night in Bern, Switzerland, and then 2 in Lauterbrunnen. In Switzerland I think I am going to largely hike so it will be a nice change of pace from doing city stuff.

I did not do a lot today, but it was still a good day. I wandered around the Gothic quarter again. Then I wandered down to the beach because it seems weird to visit a city renowned for its beaches and not at least briefly see them. For some stupid reason I forgot to take pictures of the beach although I got one of a weird architectural structure near the beach.

Something... not sure what

After that I went to CosmoCaixa which is a science centre in Barcelona. It was probably the best science centre I have been do. There are loads of interactive exhibits that showcase many principles of physics and other disciplines. There is a temporary exhibit focused on “convergent technologies” that had demonstrations of lots of technologies close to the cutting edge. One demonstration took your picture and then a robot would draw you in sand. In another a bunch of eyes would follow you around which is rather creepy.

There is also a rainforest exhibit that actually rains! And it has a capybara which is the worlds largest form of rodent. Also huge fish! And tons of ants! If this sounds like it was written by an easily excitable child that’s because science centres bring my inner child out.

This place is awesome

In the background you can see the capybara


Tomorrow I have about nine hours total on three different trains so that should be exciting.

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