Trains and Nice

I didn’t post anything last night because my day wasn’t all that interesting. I got up early and went to the train station. There I attempted to book that last part of my trip but I couldn’t from Spain for some reason. Because of this I knew I only had 20 minutes to book a train and transfer to it in France.

I don’t think I would recommend a Eurail pass if you go to Europe. I got it because I wanted to be able to easily change plans and not be forced into a predetermined itenary. Also, I wanted to save money. So far it is proving okay at the first part but not necessarily very good at the second. I definitely saved a lot going from Madrid to Barcelona (probably 50 or so Canadian). But in France it probably ended up costing me extra. France leaves only a small number of seats for Eurail pass holders. If those fill up you have to pay half price for the ticket. I ended up having to pay half price for part of my journey which nullified any savings from the Eurail pass.

I booked my trains to Bern, Switzerland today and because of the stupid limited number of seats it will be a long day waiting around at train stations. Instead of being able to get the french trains that line up correctly I have to get awkward trains that don’t. For one part of my trip I have to get off a train that is heading towards where I want to go and wait for another train because the eurail slots are filled up from that point. Oh well, I have good books to read.

When I finally arrived in Nice I briefly wandered through the area around my hotel. Today I walked along the beach, up Castle hill, which has some of the most stunning views I have seen on this trip so far, through old Nice and around a few other places. I don’t really have anything else to say but I will post some pictures below.

My lunch

The main beach area in Nice

A waterfall on Castle Hill

Nice from Castle Hill

Nice’s port form Castle Hill

I have always wondered why these are not used in North America – It just makes sense to not have to print out tags all the time

Tomorrow I go to Monaco for the day.

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