800 Metres

That’s my altitude above sea level. Tomorrow, between hiking, trains, a funicular, and some gondolas I am hoping to find my way to at least double that. On Wednesday I think I am going to aim for closer to triple that but we will see how that goes.

This place is beautiful. The train ride from Interlaken, the biggest city of the region, snakes through the mountains following a roaring creek to Lauterbrunnen, a small town that seems to be almost entirely made up of tourists. There is a beautiful waterfall that overlooks the city and snow-capped mountains to the north. More mountains to the east, west and south. The weather was perfect earlier but it has started to rain and the forecast calls for rain tomorrow. Luckily I have a waterproof jacket.

On the train to Interlaken

Hills to the east

The main waterfall

View from behind the waterfall

One day I am going to come back to Switzerland for a proper hiking trip that lasts for a few weeks.


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  1. Awesome pics Daniel! Glad you are enjoying what you are seeing. Brings back memories of being there!!!

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