More Cowbell!

I woke up pretty early and ate a huge breakfast of bread, cheese and meat. I needed fuel for a long day of hiking. After eating, I headed for the mountains at around 8:30.

At the base of the mountain above Lauterbrunnen – you can just see those glaciers peaking above the other mountain

The first hour or so of my adventure was really steep. I climbed a good 300 metres in about an hour while probably covering a bit over a kilometre. Any measurements I state will be uneducated guesses except for altitude ones because I could check that with my phone.

Up about 200m, beginning to have a better view of the glaciers

After about a half hour I was already beginning to see amazing views of those glaciers in the background but it only got better and better.

After about an hour and 300 or so metres up I found this bench!

Walking under this gondola for the 5th or so time

So many creeks and little waterfalls everywhere

Grazing cows with glaciers in the background

The mountain path to Murren (my ultimate destination) was closed so I ended up following a logging road. Other than a few bikers and a couple of loggers the path was empty. Well, except for cows. Hundred of them. All with cowbells that sung discordant tunes as the cows slowly grazed the steep pastures. Eventually I reached a cattle guard with a sign that said “Verbot” which I later found out means forbidden. I figured it was probably private property or something so I turned around to find another route. Also, across the cattle guard were dozens of cows metres from the path. I’m not really sure what cows tend to do when you invade their space but I didn’t really want to find out.

Lunch at Winteregg – 1500 metres up

After turning around (after reaching a peak of about 1450 metres) I descended 200 metres or so before I finally found the right path which I followed until I reached Winteregg where I ate a lovely lunch surrounded by groups of senior citizens from around the world. I felt a little out of place. Not only was I the only person there that was eating alone (I’m getting pretty used to that) but I was the only person under 50 I would guess. Surrounding me I heard gossip from England, loud arguments from Germany (or I suppose it could have been Switzerland as lots of Swiss people speak German), and quiet conversation from Australia. My sandwich was delicious although I had been snacking the entire way up so it was too much food. Oddly enough it was a fairly reasonable price at about 13 Canadian. Apparently the trick to finding food that isn’t insanely priced in Switzerland is to climb a mountain.

My sandwich – so much gooey camembert cheese

Sheer rockface blocking out the glaciers

As I walked north to Murren my view of the glaciers was blocked by this huge cliff slowly ground down by glaciers over millions of years. Pictures don’t really do it justice.

Cute little town of Murren – nestled 1634 metres in the sky

From a gondola – you can see a tiny bridge that goes over a 300 metre gorge and another gondola

I decided to take two gondolas down to the valley in a town about 5km from Lauterbrunnen. I could have taken a gondola up to a mountaintop revolving restaurant where they filmed one of the bond movies but it wasn’t cheap. Nearby there is also what sounds like a giant underground lair 3500 metres above sea level. Seriously, it sounds like some sort of weird bond villain’s lair. Sadly, it is even more expensive so it will have to wait until I return in the future.

Huge drop down to the valley

Followed this river back to Lauterbrunnen

Glacial valley trail

After walking the 5km back to Lauterbrunnen I showered, and have been sitting on my bed unwilling/ not wanting to move for the last 2 hours. I am so exhausted. In total I probably walked about 13km, with about 5 of those being up steep terrain. Really steep terrain. I will sleep well tonight.

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