Rain and trains

Today was not the greatest day.

I took a train up to Wengen, a small town that overlooks Lauterbrunnen from a gently sloping hillside some 500 metres up. My original plan was to then take a gondola up another 1000 metres and then hike along the top of a mountain but when I reached Wengen I was told that the hike was closed. Probably for the better as I quickly realized that even walking around Wengen was painful. I did something to my hips yesterday. Actually, I think I did something to my hips running a month or two back and yesterday just brought it back.

Wengen, with the Lauterbrunnen valley in the background

Wengen from a distance

I decided to take the train up to Kleine Scheidegg instead. I knew it wouldn’t be the greatest day to go up there, as the cloud cover was around 2000 metres and Kleine Scheidegg is about 2000 metres up. Still, even with clouds floating around there were some wonderful views. There were also tons of hiking trails that all looked amazing. I need to come back to this place again some time.

The mountain train

Beautiful view, tarnished only slightly by the clouds

The town of Scheidegg

From above Scheidegg

Right as I was about to head back down to my hostel, it began to rain. Really rain. It was perfect timing as the train had just arrived so I quickly got in and spent the next 40 minutes lumbering down the mountain staring out the water-soaked windows.

Rain in Scheidegg




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