Florence Day 2

The night before I stayed up quite late talking to my roomies, who both happened to be from Vancouver so that morning I was a little sluggish in the morning. I managed to get down to the common area right as free breakfast was ending but the lady was nice enough to serve me anyways. After berating me in Italian. In a nice way… I think.

I then headed towards to the Duomo. I wanted to get there earlier to escape the line but it turned out to be not so bad. It is free to enter. I soon figured out why. It is disappointing on the inside. While the outside is massive and stunning, the inside is just massive. There are some nice paintings on the walls but overall it is barren. From the outside I consider it a fairly close second to La Segrada Familia, but from the inside it isn’t even close. However, the outside is soo great that in this case I will judge a book purely by its cover.

After the Duomo i went to the Uffizi. This place actually had a line. The worse I have had on my trip so far. It was about an hour long but I had A Storm of Swords to keep me company. ( WARNING – I mention a part of a book where things happen without going into even vague generalities of what happens, but if that is more than you want to read skip ahead to the next paragraph ) **For those who have read the book I was about halfway through when suddenly tons of things happen. Because so much is suddenly going on the hour in line flew by.**

The Uffizi Gallery was interesting. However, I think it will be the last art gallery I go to on this trip. There were many amazing paintings, and if that is your thing, you will certainly find lots to enjoy. I found the collection considerably more interesting than the Vatican Museum. However, it is hard for me to really appreciate art. I have little understanding of art history or techniques so art galleries just don’t intellectual stimulate me. They also tend to be expensive. Sorry Louvre but I think I will be skipping you.

After that I found a place to eat and had some pasta and some sort of ham dish. Other than being obscenely salty it was pretty good. I then climbed a large number of stairs up to Pallazio Michelangelo to see what is apparently the best view of Florence. It did not disappoint. There is a full panoramic view of the city and it wasn’t even too busy because it is a little out of the way and you have to climb up so it keeps the hordes of tourists at bay.

After that I went to a supermarket, grabbed some food for a late snack and then returned to my hostel to watch the keynote for Google IO online. I remembered why I really like Google and had my hatred for Samsung rekindled. Google just announced a new version of Android and you haven’t even given me the last version! I am going to have to root my phone.

The dome in the Duomo

Beautiful view from across the river

View of a part of the old city wall

Beautiful view of Florence

The face tower

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