Vienna, the final day

I ended up having a bit of a slow day after being woken up pretty early by roommates leaving. I eventually fell back asleep and didn’t wake up for a while.

I eventually made it to the core historic area of Vienna for a day of sightseeing, reading, and one trip to a museum. Vienna’s core is beautiful. Honestly, I think it might be the best looking city I have been to so far. While other cities certainly had parts that stood out as nicer, the entire core of Vienna is stunning. My lack of knowledge in architecture makes it hard to describe but it is almost all white or very light coloured with a simple elegance that makes it visually appealing without shouting for attention.

I never had a set plan in mind but there were a few places I knew I wanted to see. The first of them being Saint Stephan’s Cathedral. This cathedral, like many across Europe, dominates the core of the city. It was Sunday when I was there so I could only peak inside. Honestly though, I doubt I missed much. I’ve seen enough cathedrals.

After that I went to a nearby park and read underneath the shade of a tree for an hour.  I haven’t read much for the last week or so other than on trains so it was nice to relax a bit. Vienna has a lot of weird-looking bugs that always fly or crawl on to you. Which is less than enjoyable. After the bugs were getting to be too much, I found a little cafe that served apple strudel. I don’t think it was the best apple strudel, but it was tasty and went well with tea. I always try to have a few signature food items from wherever I go.

I continued to explore, stumbling upon a huge fountain, which was nice because the mist cooled me down a bit, and then I went back to the Rathaus where the film festival is to eat some dinner. I ended up having two plates, I suppose to make up for the lack of food the day before, both of which were delicious.

And then the worst night of my trip happened…

A monument

Saint Stephan’s Cathedral

Apple Strudel and tea

A fountain

“Asian” food at the film festival

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