Half-way update (sort of)

I was going to make a post like this half way through my trip but somehow I missed that. I have been in Europe for almost a month now, and I have a little less than three weeks left. One week of traveling alone, half a week with my sister in London, and a little over a week on the road around the U.K.

I’m having trouble finding a place to stay in Paris. Basically my only choices are “cheap” hotels which aren’t actually that cheap to me or private rooms in hostels that for some reason are more expensive than cheap hotels. Or a hostel only for gay men. I will have to keep looking and hope someone cancels. And I also can’t book a train for the day I was going to go to Paris. I feel like I may end up only getting one partial day in Paris.

I am excited for the week and half of this trip I won’t be alone. I’ve enjoyed everything so far, and I have met interesting people from around the world, but it will be nice to see familiar faces. If I end up renting a car with some friends and driving around the U.K. that will also be a nice change of pace.

I have to say, so far Italy was the only disappointment. Not to say that it was bad, far from it. There were many amazing sights and so much historical significance everywhere, but constantly packed with tourists. Spain was great for delicious, filling food, at good prices. Barcelona was full of great things to do. Switzerland was stunningly beautiful and amazing in every way, except for price tags. Vienna was the most surprising. I didn’t really know what to expect from Vienna, but it may be my favourite location so far.

Oddly enough the quality of my hosteling experience the last week or so and for the hostels I have booked for the next week or so seems to be going down. Very few kitchens, which means I must eat out more. I haven’t been meeting as many interesting people. None of them have been as bad as my hostel in Madrid in any way, but they have just been a little lifeless.

I am glad I had the opportunity to go on this trip. At the moment I am struggling with a bit of travel fatigue. It is difficult giving yourself down-time, especially when you are not staying in any one place for too long. After Rome, 2 full days is the longest I have in any place until London. If I was to a do a trip like this again I think I would slow down my pace a little, and maybe spend more time in relaxing sea-side or country places rather than just cities.

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