Not a lot to write about this day. I spent most of it on a train from Berlin to Hilversum, and then a very small bit of it on a train from Hilversum to Amsterdam.

The German train was pretty good. No one was sitting next to me for most of the trip which was nice. The country side was pretty interesting. It was also cool to pass through Volkswagen City (actually Wolfsburg) which is the home of the Volkswagen company.

One thing I have noticed during many train rides is a strong diversity of power supply methods. On this train, I saw a nuclear power plant, thousands of windmills, and a large solar field.
It was immediately apparent when the train crossed the border into the Netherlands. Immediately there were bikes everywhere! There was also that characteristic Dutch architectural style.

The train station in Amsterdam is very different from the one I left from in Berlin. Berlin’s train station is pure modern style with lots of glass and steel. Trains going north or south take up the top floor, and trains going east or west take up the bottom. In between are multiple levels of shopping and food. Amsterdam’s station is cramped in comparison, although a beautiful example of neo-classical architecture.

My hostel is a bit of a mixed-bag. It’s clean, has a pretty decent free breakfast, and better than average wi-fi but it is huge and impersonal. It seems to be mostly filled with young (seemingly less than 18) groups of Dutch people. In general it just seems to be filled with those looking for a party which isn’t really my crowd. My roommates are also all pretty loud. Overall not the best, but it’s a place to sleep.

After dumping my stuff I explored a bit but I will save my impressions of Amsterdam for my next update.

Berlin HBF

Fields somewhere in Germany – there were thousands of these

Volkswagen factory I presume

Amsterdam Centraal

A park in Amsterdam

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