Mind the Gap

I am a little behind on updating due to lack of wifi time.

July 8th. For some reason that day was stuck in my head as the day my sister arrived. That was rather stupid.

I left Paris early in the morning on the Eurostar train to London. Initially everything about this train was terrible. With most trains, even international ones within mainland Europe, you can just hop on a few minutes before. It is great. With this train, you need to show up probably about an hour before if you aren’t an EU citizen and you have to go through French and U.K. passport control. The U.K. passport control grilled me because I didn’t have a copy of my ticket leaving the U.K. Apparently he was worried I was here to steal jobs. News flash, Canada has one of the better performing economies right now whereas the U.K. has this.

I should mention that the actual train ride was pretty good. 300km/h through beautiful French and then British country side. 20 minutes spent in a tunnel under the English Channel. If you are an EU citizen the passport control is probably less of a hassle as well.

After that I waited around Victoria Station for 5 hours will all my stuff. Thankfully, all my stuff isn’t a ton of stuff. The highlight was a pretty good British style breakfast. After I finally found out that my sister wasn’t arriving that day, I went to my hotel, ate nearby Chinese food, watched British comedy shows on tv and went to bed.

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