I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

Today I only spent about 3 hours in Victoria Station!

I began the morning with a trip to the British Museum. This massive museum full of some of the greatest artifacts in the world is completely free. Donations are encouraged but they aren’t pushy about it. I got there a little after 10 and left at about 2 and I did not see it all. This is the kind of place you really need to go to for a few hours on multiple days to appreciate. They have lots of free guided tours for most of the major areas of the museum, which is divided up into countries or civilizations/empires. If I had more time I would love to go for each of these guided tours but doing too many on one day would probably be tiring. If you go to London, give yourself two mornings for this place if you are a history or civilizations buff.

They have some really interesting pieces such as the Rosetta Stone, the mummified remains of Cleopatra and the earliest known tool used by humans. The museum isn’t exactly narrative, which is a slight downside, but their collection is likely second to none. Nowhere else can you see many of the best preserved artifacts from the Parthenon as well as multiple Egyptian mummies.

After the British Museum I headed over to Victoria Station to wait for my sister. After waiting around for about an hour and a half hoping that the two British Transit Police officers with assault rifles aren’t watching me after getting put on the watch list for waiting around yesterday for 5 hours, my sister arrived and we went for some food. We rocked the salad bar which was surprisingly good and full of ham and fish as well as the usual salad things.

After that my day was basically lots of time spent in transit, some time spent shopping and wandering around London’s Oxford Street and eating one of the best meals of my trip. Our mom treated us to dinner so I spent far more than I have on my own. I ate a delicious goat cheese salad with chicken, then gelato and hot chocolate for dessert. Delicious.

The British Museum

My bicycle

Goat Cheese Salad


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