Lazy Day

Despite thinking that I have been getting a decent amount of sleep over the last week or so, I must not have. I have pretty consistently been tired for much of my trip. For my last week or so I want to take it easy, get lots of sleep, and relax before coming home to refocus on important things.

I probably slept close to 10 hours. Not all in one go, as I woke up and drifted back to sleep a few times.  When I finally woke up I didn’t feel like doing much so I ate some breakfast out in the nice weather (by London standards) and then went for a walk through the park.

This park protects the grassy wetlands that extend along the river Lee. I probably walked for about two hours, somewhat aimlessly. I passed boats, ducks, a swan, and lots and lots of Olympic security personnel. Many of them soldiers. For those who don’t follow British news, there has been a lot of controversy lately because the company staffing Olympic security is some 3000 security guards short so the military has had to step in. I believe the park will host the whitewater rafting and canoeing events and even with the Olympics more than a week off, there already seems to be a huge security presence.

The rest of the day was mostly spent reading, catching up on blog posts, and surfing the web.

Lee Valley Park

A swan in Lee Valley Park – hard to believe this is 25 minutes from London

It was actually a decent day for London

I finally found a corgi

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