I wanted to go to Oxford but getting to Cambridge was significantly cheaper.

It’s a neat little town. Sadly the weather was awful. It rained almost the entire time I was there and by the time I left my jeans were soaking wet.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about Cambridge. The museum I was going to go to was closed so I mostly just wandered around. The town has a certain charm to it, and the university is quite beautiful.

Here are a few pictures.

A church

King’s College if I remember correctly

Another college

The library

One thought on “Cambridge

  1. Daniel, I come from the Cambridge area, and went to school there for 5 years. Shame about the weather, punting in the sunshine is a must do and there are some other things to do, like the Round Church and the bus tour (I went on it after having lived near and visited Cambridge for something like 20 yrs and found out lots of new stuff). Good photos by the way.

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