Scoring my 2014 Winter/Spring Goals

About 4 months ago I posted a bunch of goals for the term on my blog. I wanted these goals to be public to keep me accountable. So, now that the term is over I am going to score how well I achieved them.

Objective: Maintain strong academic achievement   ( 0.875 )

Key Results:

  • 8X% in STAT 302     ( 1.0 )

  • 9X% in MATH 221    ( 1.0 )

  • 9X% in CPSC 210   ( 1.0 )

  • 8X% in COMM 486a   ( 0.5 )

So, not all my marks are actually in yet, so I will have to update this when I get the last but I will provide scores based off my pre-final mark and my estimate for how well I did on the final. In this case, I am giving myself a 1 if I reached my goal, and 0.5 if I am within 5%.

Objective: Gain experience through personal projects and self-direct learning ( 0.5375 )

Key Results:

  • Complete two non-trivial Android apps   ( 0.5 )

  • Successfully complete two hackathon events ( 0.4 )

  • Complete one Udacity data science course   ( 1 )

  • Average one blog post a week  ( 0.25 )

I developed, and published, one Android app. I ended up switching my focus after that to learning more about web development, an area I wasn’t as familiar with so I never made a second app. One of the hackathons I wanted to complete never happened, and the other had a topic I wasn’t super interested in. I did end up organizing my own little hackathon with some friends, which somewhat fell apart but I still spent three solid days working hard on web development so I am going to mostly count that.

Objective: Improve health and fitness    ( 0.57 )

Key Results:

  • Average four 20+ minute fitness sessions a week   ( 0.8 )

  • Walk 5km+ every day    ( 0.9 )

  • Deadlift 220lbs, Squat 190lbs, Benchpress 180lbs   0 )

I average four sessions a week for about the first half of the term, but certain bio-mechanical issues got in the way of continued success. However, over the last month or so I have been working really hard on physio to hopefully overcome some of those issues so I am still giving myself a decent rating. I only missed my 5km target 8 times over the 4 months, about half of the times was due to intense rain or snow, and most of the others were health related if I remember correctly. Because of my health issues I basically stopped doing all of those lifts so I have to give myself 0. I don’t know what I am currently capable of but it is probably less than that.

My overall score: 0.67

While that score is in the “sweet spot” for OKR’s, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed that I didn’t do better. Hopefully better health will help me with health and fitness goals for my next set of goals.

I’ll post my goals for the summer term in the next few days.

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