How did I do with my Summer Goals?

Here are the results for my Summer OKR’s.

Objective: Maintain strong academic achievement (0.875)

Key Results:

  • 9X% in CPSC 213 (1)

  • 9X% in CPSC 221 (1)

  • 9X% in CPSC 310 (0.5)

  • 8X% in CPSC 320 (1)

Part way through most of these courses I was sure I wasn’t going to make any of these goals. Luckily for me, summer classes seem to be marked a little more leniently and I ended up doing very well.

Objective: Personal enrichment and learning (0.58)

Key Results:

  • Make major improvements to my Android app: SS Log (0)

  • Create a MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, node.js) stack web application (0.5)

  • Read 5 books (not for a class) (1)

  • Average one blog post a week (0.5)

  • Apply for an average of 5 jobs a week until I get one (1)

  • Do something “interesting” once a week (0.5)

My score for this category was a little low, and that’s even with my slightly charitable 0.5 score for creating a MEAN stack application. I did absolutely nothing for my Android app, largely because an injury pushed me towards other forms of exercise so I had no personal reasons to improve an app I wasn’t using. This may change in the future if I get back to lifting. I never made an entire MEAN stack application but I’ve done enough on various projects that I gave myself 0.5.

I finished reading two books, Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid and The Pragmatic Programmerthe first of which I highly recommend. I then read almost all of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series which may be my favourite science fiction series. I wrote a bit less than half as many blog posts as my goal, so I rounded that up to 0.5.

I applied to exactly 15 jobs over the 3 weeks before I got my job. My last key result was poorly designed (which I knew from the beginning) but I wanted something to push me towards enjoying summer a little more. I did okay on that front, with something I would categorize as “interesting” on about half of the weeks.

Objective: Improve health and fitness (0.56)

Key Results:

  • Average four 20+ minute fitness sessions a week (1)

  • Walk 8,000 steps at least 5 days per week (0.9)

  • Bike 30 minutes a week (0.1)

  • Average 7:45 of sleep a night (0.25)

While injuries from earlier in the year changed the type of exercise I did, I was quite good at exercising frequently. There was only on week that I didn’t walk 8,000 steps 5 days of the week. I barely used my bike though. Only 4 times the entire summer. Basically, the reason is that it never made sense to bike over other options. Almost everything I did was either on campus, which is too close to warrant biking in my opinion, or far from campus, where the distance to bike is too much in my opinion.

I wasn’t really sure what to give myself for the sleeping score. My basis fitness watch gives me automatic weekly sleep reports. The problem is that I just don’t think it works probably every night. Once a week or so it records phantom “wake-ups” where it insists that I was awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night when I have zero memory of that. The sleep reports put my average around 7 hours. They are probably a little on the low end but I am still going to give myself a fairly low score.

Overall (0.66)

I probably won’t be doing new OKRs for this term. I am doing a co-op work term where I will be setting some work specific OKRs, and for personal goals I need to rethink how I set the key results.

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