It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog.

I feel aimless. After three years of focus on my computer science degree and software development I now have the degree and a good software development job. The problem is that I now have a lot more time than I ever did while in school. I actually have evenings and weekends free to do whatever I want. It’s crazy.

While I definitely needed some time to de-compress after three crazy years, I am beginning to feel adrift. I need some goals.

On this blog in the past I’ve set goals in a very structured way. This is great for actually achieving them but I don’t feel like I am at that point yet. For now this is just a public brain dump of some of the things I want to accomplish with the hopes that putting it out there will push me to actually work towards them.

So in no particular order here are some things I want to accomplish in the next year and a half.

Health and Fitness

  • Find a regular GP
    •  It’s been probably 15 years since I last had a regular doctor to talk to. I mostly stayed away from the healthcare system (very bad idea) but that is increasingly difficult. Walk-in clinics have been uniformly terrible experiences so far.
  • Intense workouts 5 days a week (lifting, running, swimming etc.)
  • Physical activity every day of the week though
  • A comprehensive plan to deal with injuries that always come up when I try to get fit.
    • Use the fact that I am privileged enough to have extended health that can get physiotherapy etc.
  • Respond proactively to pain/soreness
  • Learn to run
    • Run a 10k
    • Run a half-marathon
    • Remember that you hate running but feel good that you persevered through that
    • Maybe run a marathon depending on how much you remember that you hate running


  • – Get outside for many hours every weekend
    • I still don’t know how bad Toronto winters get so this may be put on hold at some point
  • Do social things
    • Don’t have friends because you just moved to a new city? Too bad, go be social and make friends. Apparently that’s a thing people do
  • Go places
    • Virtually everywhere in southern Ontario, Quebec, and northeastern U.S. is new to you and none of it is that far away.
    • Backpack, camp, hostel or whatever to be able to travel frequently
  • Put experiences above things
  • Cook new and tasty things
  • Do things by hand that few people do anymore because it’s soo easy to buy the grocery store version of it
    • Not always, but some times


  • Read lots of books
    • Try to read at least 45 minutes every night before bed
    • Read WHATEVER
    • Read things you disagree with
    • Read things from people who have had a very different life to your own
  • Learn french
  • Continue using duolingo to build up vocabulary
  • Later
    • read in french
    • watch tvs/movies in french
    • find people to speak with in french
  • (re-)learn the guitar
    • Find some cheap used acoustic guitar

Get involved

  • Listen to people and help
    • The last thing the world needs is another cis-gendered straight white male defining the important problems and solutions
  • Get involved in politics
    • Yes it sucks and you hate it but its important
    •  Soo few people do anything other than vote (and many don’t even do that) so doing almost anything else can give you surprising influence
    • But remember that others have it far worse off and to use my effort to make it things better for other people

*** note ***
I’m extremely fortunate that I can even think about doing all of these things beyond simply putting a roof over my head and eating. NEVER forget that and remember to get involved to bring more people to my situation rather than to just make my situation better.

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